About Me

I grew up in church. My dad and mom have both been in ministry for a long time and pretty much every moment I remember in my early years was either in my church or in my church’s homeschool program. Yet even with my parent’s Christian love and upbringing, I did not know God. Though I was in a Christian environment, I acted the way many young kids act. I could be disrespectful and disobedient. I would lie or talk back to my parents. I was in Sunday School, but my heart still was not right before God.

However, after an occasion when I lied to a relative, I felt guilty about it. It was the first time I recall feeling guilty about my sin, not just worried I would get in trouble with my parents. God worked on my heart, and I soon wanted to read my Bible, pray to God, and spend time with Jesus. He performed a radical change in my heart. Though I don’t recall an exact moment when I trusted in Christ, I know the changes I have experienced in my heart and life could only be from God. I have the desire to turn away from my sin and to run to Jesus, Who shed His blood for my sin. I want my life to be pleasing to Him.

After I was saved, though God put his changes in my heart, I did not pursue him as I should. I started to fall into fear and condemnation, constantly wondering if I was saved. Because I didn’t spend time in God’s Word as I should have, I had very little peace and confidence in God’s promises. Even though I constantly battled fear and insecurity about my salvation, God was merciful and also put a desire in my heart around the same time of these inner struggles to reach the lost, something I wasn’t doing. I prayed for God to help me do this, and he changed me!

I started passing out tracts, sharing the Gospel, and later after I attended Sketchboard Evangelism Training, started doing street evangelism in the open-air. I wanted to be a missionary. I knew that after I took the training that I could proclaim the Gospel like that for the rest of my life. I volunteered for Open Air Campaigners two years. In September 2014, after a lunchtime meeting with OAC evangelists Zane Dempsie and Tom Fox, God opened the door for me to join OAC as a staff evangelist, and I was brought on staff in June 2016.

I am so thankful for what God has done! Please keep me in your prayers as God continues to lead me on this journey.

Reaching Laurel, MD for Christ