Earlier this year, I ran a Booster crowdfunding campaign to spread the word about my ministry work in the Baltimore-DC area and about Open Air Campaigners. It worked really well and thanks to all who participated!

Some have expressed interest in more of these t-shirts. So here’s what the new plan is: Anyone who is interested in a t-shirt and wants to donate the funds to my ministry work here in the Baltimore-Washington area can still do that.

Here’s how it works:
1) Email me at rebeccajefferson1@gmail.com and leave your physical address or P.O. Box.
2) The cost of the t-shirt will probably be about $15-20 with or including shipping. I’ll let you know my address so you can send me the money so I can order the shirt.
3) I order the shirt through CustomInk (Booster’s shirt maker) and send you the t-shirt.

Let me know if you have any questions or what color you wish to have the shirt and lettering (opposing or different colors may be best). Thanks for your interest and God bless!